Frequently Asked Questions

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Far from the picnics of your childhood, a luxury picnic combines the most nostalgic parts of the classic picnic that we all know and love, with all of the luxurious pleasures you would expect from a 5-star experience. 


Explore our most asked questions.


How far in advance do we need to book?

Omi Picnic experiences are created with a whole lot of love and style. Our team is intentional about every step we take to ensure that we create the best event for you and your guests. That requires time. We ask that you book your event at least 2 weeks in advance, events booked with less notice will be accepted pending availability (no picnic will be accepted if booked with less than 3 days before desired date). If your event requires travel outside of San Diego please book at least 1 month in advance.

Can I have more than 20 guests?

Sure, our Luxe Picnic service can accommodate more than 20 guests please contact us to discuss.

What is the Luxe Picnic Service and what types of events is it perfect for?

The Luxe picnic service is our full-service picnic event planning and design offering. From start to finish our team provides our clients with an individualized experience to take their event from dream to reality. We’ll start from scratch and begin our time together by getting to know your unique needs and likes; all while thoughtfully laying the groundwork for a luxurious picnic event. We are your partners in every aspect of the planning process. We establish detailed timelines, assist with the selection of the venue, deal with all of the logistics, and vendor management; we can even manage your guest list! On the day of your event, we are there to ensure your picnic goes off without a hitch. Our team takes on all of these details so you don’t have to. We want you to focus on spending time with the people you love. Our Luxe service would be perfect for: intimate weddings receptions and elopements, bridal and baby showers, proposals, birthday celebrations, outdoor movie nights, and even more. With our Luxe service the sky's the limit and we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us to get started.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! You can buy a virtual gift card here.

What time is your first and last picnic of the day?

Our first picnic of the day is 10am but we not opposed to an earlier start time. The last picnic of the day changes with the season based upon the sunset time. Typically, our last picnic of the day can be booked a couple of hours before sunset. Our last picnic of the day must end 15 minutes after sunset. If you want a sunset picnic, please indicate that in your booking form. Picnics that take place in private venues do not have time restrictions.

Do I need to count children in my guest number?

If you want the children present at the event to have seating at the table they need to be considered in the guest count.

How do I secure my date?

To secure your date, fill out the booking form. We will be in touch with you to confirm the availability of your desired date and work out the finer details. Once you decide to move forward you will need to sign your picnic event agreement and pay a non-refundable 50% booking fee. Once the booking fee has been received your picnic is secure. The rest of the balance will be due 72 hours before the scheduled picnic. For events booked with less than 2 weeks to the event date, the entire invoice balance will need to be paid to secure your date.

Day of Logistics

Can we leave whenever we want?

It is understood that you will remain at the picnic site until your reservation is over. However, we understand that might not always be possible. If you need to leave earlier than your reservation calls for, call your Omi Picnic designer. You are expected to stay on site until your picnic designer arrives. Please be aware that you are responsible for the picnic items until we are able to return. Read terms and conditions

What if I’m running late?

If you are running late, call (please do not text) your Omi Picnic designer and let them know. Be aware that scheduling restraints might not allow for you to extend your picnic beyond the scheduled end time. Late arrivals over 20 minutes will be charged a late fee as our picnic designers are unable to leave until you arrive. This creates issues for our entire schedule. We will accommodate late picnics up to the hour mark at which time your picnic will be canceled without refund.

How will I know where to find the picnic?

In your confirmation email we will provide you with a map to the location. 15 - 30 minutes prior to your event your Omi Picnic designer will also text you a location “pin” so you’ll know exactly where to meet.

Will Omi Picnic designers stay during my picnic?

No, we leave soon after you’ve arrived to let you enjoy your special event and return a few minutes before your picnic reservation ends. If at any point you need us during your picnic, you can call or text your Omi Picnic designer (whose contact information is in your confirmation email). For picnics events booked through our Luxe Picnic event and design service, clients have the option of having a hosted picnic at no additional charge, in which Omi staff will stay to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

If your picnic is being hosted at a private venue that allows outside alcohol you are more than welcome to have alcoholic beverages. San Diego municipal code outlines that it is unlawful to consume alcoholic beverages in public parks and beaches. While there are some exceptions to this rule, permits are required and there are time restrictions on usage. We do not provide or source alcohol through our vendors and we are not responsible for any fines you incur if you choose to bring alcohol to your public location. To learn more read about San Diego's alcohol rules.

Are balloons and inflatables allowed at public beaches and parks?

Unfortunately the city of San Diego prohibits the use of balloons and inflatables of any kind at public beaches and parks. If you are interested in having these elements at your event we suggest securing a private venue. Learn more about the city’s rules on balloons and inflatables here.

Refunds and Cancellations

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event of a force majeure, picnic events may be rescheduled for up to 3 months after the original date. For cancellations for any other reasons, we’d be happy to reschedule your reservation when given at least 72 hours advance notice. Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable. All cancellations made within 72 hours, will be subject to an additional 15% rescheduling fee to move your reservation. Cancellations made the day of the picnic will not be refunded or rescheduled. For more information read our Terms & Conditions.

Do I get a refund if the weather is bad?

No. While we will not give refunds for bad weather, if as it gets closer to your date there is a 40% chance or more of inclement weather we will gladly reschedule your event for another day. You also have the option of securing a private indoors venue to host your opinion if you'd prefer to keep your scheduled date and time.


I don’t see the location I want, can you accommodate a different location?

If you have a different location in mind, please indicate this in your booking form or contact us so we can discuss your request. Our public locations are selected not just for their beauty but their accessibility. We require that all locations have easily accessible parking, have easy to navigate terrain and be within 15 miles of 92104. Locations that do not meet these requirements will either not be accommodated or will be subject to a travel fee. For private residences and venues please contact us.

Are permits needed for public locations?

Permits are not typically required for picnics held at our suggested public locations. For other locations there might be a need for permits depending on the number of guests, catering, and more. To learn more about permits for San Diego parks and beaches read the city's special events planning guide.

Can you ensure a secluded area at the beach/park?

We try our best to find areas of parks and beaches that are not in the middle of foot traffic. However, we are not able to promise privacy at public locations. If you’d like a more secluded picnic we suggest you look into a private venue.

Can I have the picnic at my house?

Sure! We can set up a private picnic at your home. For picnics at private residences we require that picnics are set up on the ground level (requiring no stairs), that there is ample lighting, and that there is accessible parking within a few feet of the entrance (i.e driveway). For rooftop picnics in apartment/condo complexes there must be an easily accessible elevator.

I don’t live in San Diego, can you host a picnic event in my city?

Absolutely! While we call San Diego home we love creating one-of-a-kind picnic experiences for our customers wherever they may be. If you live outside of the greater San Diego area and want us to bring the Omi Picnic experience to you let’s find a time to chat. Please note, there will be additional fees.