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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below shall govern any and all work done by Omi Picnics unless specifically amended in writing and agreed to by both parties prior to the event.


Rescheduling & Cancellations 

In the event of a force majeure (such as acts of God, natural disasters, traffic accidents, pandemics, acts of government, interference by civil or military authorities, terrorist attacks or acts of war) Omi Picnics and the client may request to reschedule a planned event. While Omi Picnics does not offer refunds, cases of force majeure may be rescheduled for up to 9 months after the original date. 


If you want to cancel your event for any other reason please notify Omi Picnics as soon as possible. While we do not offer any refunds we’d be happy to reschedule your reservation when given at least 72 hours advance notice. Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable because we’ve turned down other events in order to hold your date. All cancellations made within 72 hours, will be subject to an additional 15% rescheduling fee to move your reservation. Cancellations made the day of the picnic will not be refunded or rescheduled. 


Bad Weather 

If as it gets closer to your date there is a 40% chance or more of inclement weather we will gladly reschedule your event for another day.  

Payment Schedule & Booking

All of our picnics require a 50% non-refundable booking fee that is due at the time of the picnic event agreement signing. Once the booking fee has been received your picnic is secure. Until that has been paid, your date is not secured and Omi Picnics reserves the right to explore event bookings with other clients for the same date and time. Should time lapse between Omi Picnics providing you with a picnic agreement and you signing and paying please ensure your desired date and time are still available before making a payment. The remaining balance must be paid 72 hours before the event date. If your final payment is not received by then, at the discretion of Omi Picnics we may extend you a grace period of 1 day and charge you a $15 late fee. If your payment is not received by the end of that grace period then your picnic will be cancelled. You will have the opportunity to reschedule based upon availability, at which time the remaining will be due upfront. It is understood that by paying the deposit, you understand and agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Late Show & No Show 

If you are running late, call (please do not text) your Omi Picnic designer and let them know. Be aware that scheduling restraints might not allow for you to extend your picnic beyond the scheduled end time. Late arrivals over 20 minutes will be charged a late fee of $30. Arrivals over 45 minutes will be charged a late fee of $60. We will accommodate late picnics up to the hour mark at which time your picnic will be canceled and no refund will be issued. Please be aware that your tardiness creates issues for our entire schedule as our picnic designers are unable to leave until you arrive. 

Gift Cards 

Digital gift cards may be presented during booking to use towards any picnic service or merchandise at Omi Picnics. Cannot be used to purchase another gift card. The card is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Treat the card as cash. It will not be replaced if lost or used without the authorization of the owner. Terms and conditions subject to change. Valid for (9) months from purchase date.

Safety & Damage

It is our top priority to keep our furniture and decor items in good shape. While reasonable signs of wear and tear are to be expected we are careful to inspect each piece prior to packing to be sure that each piece you receive is free from damage. Should you encounter any issues please contact your picnic designer at the first sign of cause so that we are able to rectify the problem. 


It is our expectation that all picnic decor and furniture will be returned in the same condition as you found it. Any loss or damage to the equipment will be charged for accordingly, including but not limited to excessive stains that result in professional cleaning charges. 


For your safety, please use our items only in the manner which they were intended. If you break an item please notify (along with sending a photo) your Omi picnic designer as soon as possible. In the picnic emergency kit you will find the equipment you need to carefully collect and dispose of the broken pieces (i.e. a shattered glass). Please be aware that clients are responsible for all picnic decor and furniture during the duration of their picnic until their Omi Picnic designer returns. 

Private Residences

It is expected that for picnic events that take place in private residences, that Clients will ensure that the space where the picnic will take place is clear and ready to be set up prior to the arrival of Omi Picnics' team. Any pets, as well as guests (see COVID section) will should be removed from the picnic space during set up and clean up. Clients should also ensure that there is ample lighting and homes have accessible parking (i.e. drive way) and that the picnic take place on the main level or backyard.

Inappropriate Conduct 

It is expected that members of our team will be treated with respect by our Clients and all guests at the picnic event and that all requests in relation to the terms and conditions outlined here will be followed. By signing below you agree that in the event that a Omi Picnics' team member determines, in their sole discretion, that they have suffered any inappropriate behavior by the Clients, the Clients’ guests and/or the Clients’ vendors during the during the planning process or on the event date which rises to the level of harassment (physical or verbal) toward the Picnic Designer or any other member of the Omi Picnics team, the following steps will be taken: on the first offense, a verbal warning will be issued to the Clients upon receipt they are responsible for addressing the guests and/or vendor. On the second offense, Omi Picnics is entitled to terminate the Services and leave immediately. In such a situation, the Clients expressly agree to release and hold Omi Picnics and its vendors, contractors, and employees harmless and defend from any and all liability as a result of any resulting incomplete work, and the Clients agree that Omi Picnics shall retain all payments tendered up to the point of termination. In return, should the Client feel they are ever potentially experiencing any inappropriate behavior by any of the Omi Picnics' staff members or contractors, the client will notify their picnic designer as soon as possible so they can remedy the alleged situation and if necessary remove the offending party. 


Omi Picnics takes serious the health of our team and yours. We sanitize and launder all materials used in our picnics after each use. As well as follow local health guidelines regarding covid. It is understood that by finalizing your booking and paying your deposit, that Omi Picnics is not responsible for the transmission of covid while attending our event. To maintain safety for our team, due to COVID, we do ask that our team is given space to set up and break down and guests temporarily relocate so that we may maintain our distance. If you or your guests are have fever or are ill, please inform your picnic designer and reschedule your event. 


Omi Picnics shall in no way be held legally responsible or accountable for any damage, injury, death or loss of income caused to the client, any third parties, or properties, due to the hire of equipment or provided services by any third party company whose work was solicited on behalf of the client. 

Omi Picnics is not legally responsible for any onsite injuries and compensations for medical situations that occur during the event. Similarly, Omi Picnics is not responsible for any illegal or criminal activity that occurs during the event. Guests are responsible for their behavior during the event, including with the treatment of the rented property. 

Travel Fees

Travel Inside of San Diego and Temecula.

Our locations are selected not just for their beauty but their accessibility. We require that all locations be within 50 yards of parking, have easy to navigate terrain and be within 30 miles of 92104 and 92591. Locations that do not meet these requirements will either not be accommodated or will be subject to a travel fee to cover mileage and time. 


Travel Outside of San Diego and Temecula.

We love bringing our luxurious picnics to our clients wherever they may be. For picnics outside of our primary service area, we require an additional travel fee that covers any necessary travel related costs (i.e. mileage, airfare, and/or accommodations). These fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis.  For information specific to your unique circumstance, please contact us.

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