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Our Story

Hey Picnic Friend!


Life should be spent with those we love, making memories that take our breath away.

San Diego Picnics

I’m India Pierce Jackson and I’m the creator of Omi Picnics. If you're anything like me then you could use the opportunity to slow down and spend more time with those you love. I created Omi Picnics to make it easier for you to do this in style by taking the traditional picnic & elevating it into a luxurious intimate experience. Why? Because I believe life is for the living, the laughing, for the enjoying, for the loving, and did I forget to mention the food? It is definitely all about the food! Picnics are the perfect way to turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary moment.

I vividly remember gathering with family over food. From family reunions and holiday celebrations, to casual gatherings in the backyard; it always felt special to me. When I was in college, during special moments, since I couldn’t afford fancy dinners, I would plan the nicest picnics to treat myself. Over the years, I’ve continued this tradition and now I get to share my love of picnics with you! 

Omi Picnics was created with one thing in mind: giving my clients less stress and more joy. There are typically a million things to do and not enough time to do even half of them. We’re constantly going and doing and rarely give ourselves time to relax. At least that was my story, at one point I was completing my PhD, working, co-leading a consulting collective, and starting a family. I was busy, stressed, and not enjoying the finer things in life. That's what makes me and my team so great at what we do. We understand that you're busy and you want to experience a little luxury. It's our pleasure to create these moments for you. 

Omi Picnics is my commitment to inviting slowness and connection into my life and to help bring it to others. There’s really nothing better than seeing people truly blissful, smiling and laughing. Together, with my love of hosting and eye for creating beautiful spaces, I create magic. Ok, maybe not magic but I do create gorgeous picnics. My team of experienced picnic designers have been praised for their flawlessly executed luxury picnics. Our exclusive service and impeccable attention to detail will ensure an event you'll cherish.

Let us use our magic for you! 

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Our Name

"Omi" has many different meanings. However, our business takes its inspiration for the name from the Hindi meaning:

sound of the universe.


I have been drawn to this concept for some time now. If you close your eyes I’m sure you can recall the sounds that you hold near and dear to your heart. The first time you heard the heartbeat of your child, the quirky laughter of your best friend, the moment you heard your sweetheart say "I do;" and all of the times you replayed your favorite song. These sounds and so many more, fill our universe and they are the sounds that inspires the work we do at Omi Picnics.

Let us create the backdrop for the collection of your most cherished sounds.

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